Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gee, how lucky can you get?

Holy crap. Today I am 26 and it feels very weird to say that. I don't know exactly how I pictured what my life would be like at 26. But after a lot of thinking and a tiny bit of anxiety, I think overall I am a very lucky girl. I accomplished some mini goals of mine since my last birthday- I have gone on lots of auditions and gotten new headshots! But when I think back on this year at home... I really realize how much closer I am to my family than I realized. Growing up living in my house was sometimes very stressful and I was excited to get out into the world. Living at home at the moment isn't a backwards step- it has allowed me to save and have a support system at my fingertips. I can confidently say that my relationship with my parents is the best it's ever been. They are two of my best friends. And as everyone is getting older I think this time together has and will continue to be very important.

I also worked my ass off this year and got myself to a place where I am much more financially stable. That's huge. Now I'm not afraid that I won't have enough money for health insurance. I work a lot of jobs, but a few of them are doing what I love- which I think is all anyone can ask for. I spent a lot of time re-connecting with friends who I didn't see much of last year. And I get to perform one more weekend of shows with a cast that I adore that make me laugh til I cry almost every time I'm with them. Gee, how lucky can you get? Thanks everyone. Here's to 26. Cheers.


Backstage selfie!

We're just strange.

Also, I went to the hand doctor yesterday and he checked out my wrist which has been in pain for some time. Turns out nothing is permanently damaged. Just strained. Recommended course of treatment? "Audition more and wait tables less." Thanks Dr. Stackhouse. I mean, hey, doctor's orders am I right??

Dorsal Jazz Hand Syndrome

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