Monday, March 10, 2014


Okay kids, time for an update! My New Voices Cabaret was super fun! Zach Wiseley is a baller accompanist and an even ballerer(?) friend. He is more than supportive and we had so much fun. You can check out a video of one of the songs here!

I've been doing alright. Enjoying time with my family and friends and working a whole bunch. Been auditioning and learning about myself every time I do so. The other day I subbed at my high school and got to watched the musical assembly. It brought back a whole  mess of memories. That was the best day of school. Getting out of class to perform all day? What could be better? Seeing the excitement on these kids' faces was pretty cool. I'm glad to see the tradition lives on even after my teachers have left the department. I wouldn't be the performer I am today without that auditorium and all of the things that happened there.

On another note...I always seem to start projects and never finish them. I feel like I have a small case of adhd and I know everyone says that OOOOH SAY YES TO THE DRESS IS ON! Okay. I'm back. I've seen this one. Spoiler: She says yes.

So yes, I am a serial non-finisher. I have several thrift-store art projects that are taking up room in my bedroom but are gathering dust. I got a bass guitar for my birthday in high school, never learned how to play. The piano is still not mastered (damn you left hand!) I have the time to do these things. I just don't seem to have the self-discipline, even though I know they'd be awesome to have in my skillset and save me from loneliness and boredom. SO my new venture- opening my own Etsy shop for vintage clothes and accessories- is very exciting to me. I have always loved finding treasures at thrift/antique stores and estate sales. Curating items for the shop is an artistic act and that's why I'm pretty sure I'm going to follow through on this one. That I can put my hands on it and feel it and see it published on a professional looking website without a crazy amount of work. Heck, I might not make a dime off of it but at least I will feel the satisfaction in my brain that I took an idea I had in my head during that uber creative time between sleeping and waking up for the day (before being bombarded with the worries of life) and turned it into a reality. That's the best time of day for me. I wonder if that's maybe why I love naps so much?

My good friend Veronica and I got free thai tea just cuz we're good looking. I thought it was worth being documented. :)

Daisy is getting involved in Mommy's budding vintage business

Mama Cindee and I at Mamma Mia!

Me and my buddy Kevin Casey, MD for the Mamma Mia tour!

Actor day off