Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tryin' To Get Up That Great Big Hill Of Hope

My family. (I had to ask my brother to put a shirt on so this is a rare photo)
So yesterday I turned 25, which means this song is even more relevant to me. I had a low-key birthday but I was touched by all of the comments, texts, and phone calls I received. I am a very lucky girl.

Laughing so hard I am crying. The best.
 I've had a lot of time to think to myself and reflect and overall I am so grateful for the experiences of this past year. This has been a year of learning. I've accomplished a lot of mini-goals I have set for myself and I am proud of how far I've come. It's hard to think that way though when you have about 15 dollars in your bank account. I know it's a temporary situation but it's scary. Like... panic attack scary. It's something that maybe most people don't like to talk about, but that's my life right now. But I wouldn't trade this year for anything. I accomplished quite a few things off of my 25 before 25 list. I landed a "part" (a few I'd even go so far as to say...!) I got myself a website, wrote more, fell in love, drank moonshine, taught and really felt confident that I've made a difference in some kids' lives. I also explored some more of the country, made some incredible friends and pushed myself as a performer. Maybe 25 was an ambitious number of accomplishments, but I think putting those things out in the universe helped me get to where I am. I think it's a good practice to lay your goals out as a road map for where you want to go next. So I've been thinking about what I want to see myself accomplish before *gasp* 26. These aren't in any particular order of importance.

1. I want to become less attached to objects. Mainly clothes. I admit that shopping is a hobby of mine and although I always try to find bargains, I really don't need any more clothes. It is something I enjoy but I need to learn to live with less and be happy.

2. I want to be more proactive about auditions and marketing myself. New headshots are going to happen soon. They have to. And I think getting some business cards and also offering my services as an audition coach for high school kids. I enjoy doing it and it might be a way to make some extra money. If only I could play piano better I could offer some voice coaching too!!

3. I want to be out of my parents house.

4. I want to move to NYC or Chicago. (goes along with 3)

5. I want to land a job in a state I've never been to before.

6. I want to play Suzy Simpson again.

7. Get that tattoo!

8. Touch a Great White Shark (hey, it's on every one of my lists. Maybe positive thinking works and you'll all be jealous!)
Wine and Good Friends. What else do you need?

These poor puppies!

Cute parentals.


Siblings at Birthday Dinner