Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yankee's Back

So what's new? Well, I went on an adventure back to the Garden State to spend a whopping day and a half with my family and puppies before hitting the road with my dad to bring my car back to Arkansas. The visit was far too short, but at the same time it feels good to be out in the world doing things. Home is something I know I will always have to come back to (and I will be moving in shortly, so I better hope I'm still welcome!) but as scary and lonely as it is a lot of the time, I know I need to keep on truckin with this whole acting-and-pursuing-happiness-in-my-own-life type deal. 
Sometimes it's real hard. But overall it's worth the uphill climb. I think. Ask me in a few days when I'm curled in the fetal position on my oh-so-short lunch break away from the hundred something 5-9 year olds I'm teaching/directing/trying to not strangle. (kidding!) Last week was eight 45-minute acting-movement classes. This week I will be working in two 4-hour blocks with both of my performance groups. I wrote a 5 minute "play" (it's more of a modge-podge performance) for the younger group and a 10 minute PLAY (I wrote stage directions and everything! Also, it may or may not have been inspired by Mike Birbiglia) for the older group. I'm hoping it all goes smoothly and there are no tears shed over parts when I assign them tomorrow. I'm still pretty uncomfortable around crying children. I've made several cry so far. I swear it wasn't my fault!! Kids are just a lot to handle, but I hope I can at least inspire/teach/reach out to 1 out of 100.

I think Daisy missed me.

Joey and I had no idea. Did you?

Boys watching tv on the couch.

It was so hard to leave those little furry faces.

Second day of school outfit. I love getting away with dressing like a kindergardner.