Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things I Learned On Tour

The picture isn't blurry, that's just what the sunrise looks like when you're up that early.

So Friday was my last day of touring for this season and I am very happy to be done that part of my job. It was rewarding but exhausting and I'm ready for a few days of rest and a trip to visit my Mom and Grandparents before tackling James And The Giant Peach. (Which I am super pumped for!!)
So I made this list and I thought I'd share with you some things I learned on tour.


1. If a line in the play is "Y'all like stories?" a child sitting front and center WILL scream out at the top of his lungs, "I LIKE TRANSFORMERS!!!" and proceed to make you crack up for the next ten minutes while you are trying in vain to go on with your lines and stay in character.

2. Signing autographs will probably never get old. I was that kid when I was little and I remember how much it meant to me.

3. Finding a comfortable way to nap in a captains chair that does not recline in the van is a talent and a skill.

4. Throw pillows are wonderful travel companions.

5. A Styrofoam cooler might not be great for the environment, but it is a luxury in the van.

6. I will never perform for a tougher audience than middle school aged kids who were clearly too cool and too old to see these weird actor people dance around and sing like idiots. It felt like doing a play in front of my graduating class of high school. I'm talking nightmare material, people. But if I can confront those demons with as much grace as I can, then I can do anything.

7. The calories in Pop Tarts, Starbucks Frappe Drinks, and Doritos absolutely do not count while on tour.

8. Trying to maintain gas station etiquette when you are clearly in there just to pee. My tip is to just look like a hot damn mess and nobody will approach you. Check!

9. Some 11 year old boy might start a fight and cry in the audience (that's 3 feet away from you) because he wasn't picked to come on-stage and act like a chicken for about 30 seconds.

10. I've learned what NOT to send my child to school wearing. (Particularly, I would not dress up my obese daughter in a light purple Cookie Monster shirt with the word NOM emblazoned on it paired with sweatpants the color of said Muppet. Just SINFUL.)

11. As tough as this is, I still love it and want to do it again. And again. And again.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looking Forward

Hi there! It always feels good when I actually have time to update y'all on here. This week is my last week on tour!!! Next I will be working on James and The Giant Peach so my hours will be far more consistent and I will most likely have a little more down time. With this being the last stretch of tour, I am excited to give my poor back muscles a break and prepare for the end of the season. I actually got to thinking about all of the stuff I have to look forward to that will also keep me going this week.

Things I'm Looking Forward To (To distract myself from my 6:15am call for the next two days):

- Nicer weather that means more bike rides, walks, and runs around my apartment and downtown.

- More time to read! I bought a ton of plays at the library's used book sale last week and I am determined to actually read them instead of allow them to gather dust on my shelf until I dust them off again for a future student (hopefully).

- The farmers market will be back soon!! So excited to be able to get fresh, locally grown produce just a few blocks away and not rely on Walmart for my produce. (It felt a little sad just typing that fact.)

- Hopefully being better with my money and making a little bit more in the coming months.

- Booked my first REAL role (I mentioned I wanted to do this on my 25 before 25 list!!!) so that is happening in September and I'm floored.

- Getting more calls/emails about work. (Just had to put that out into the universe. Who knows? It might work!)

- I'm going to be teaching improv and acting this summer, and I am excited for the opportunity to grow as a teaching artist. I want to become better and learn from the kids as much as they will hopefully learn from me. I've already begun to do this with my improv class this semester but I know I am still very green. I fully plan on being a theater teacher down the road and I want to get as much experience as possible. Probably reading some more books probably wouldn't hurt.

Okay. Enough of my blabbering. Here's some photos to update you on the past couple of weeks:

Proof I was on the Rock N Roll Highway.

Shoes I was so close to thrifting. Definite regret.
Another thrift store find I left behind. This stein combines two of my loves, beer and owls. GO TEMPLE!

I did however take home this awesome tin of 70s metal coasters. It's kind of a weird thing to collect, but now I have 2 sets of coasters from that era. (Ignore the fact that I don't actually use them for my drinks)

A lot of times the best part of my day is just hanging out with Sinovia in her office.

This cat ran into the school we were loading into and Garrett had to grab it and take it outside. The cat kept trying to evade him and get in during our load in!
It was cold. Poor Kitteh!

I know New Jersey has farms, but I've never seen this much livestock out in my life in any other state I've travelled to so far. I freak out like a little kid when I see anything with four legs outside the van window.

Passed this little store several times this season while on tour.

Not gonna miss this view. 5 am call time comes very early!

It's cool when your friends let you borrow their dogs. Reminds me of home.