Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Simple Little Things

   So a quick life update! I've been busy working what is now THREE part-time jobs, trying to save money and decide the next step for my career. I went and saw Mike Birbiglia perform stand-up and got to chat with him for a brief moment. He is absolutely phenomenal and I felt like I was watching a master class in delivery and comedic timing. It seems so effortless, but I know as a fellow performer that there is a lot of craft to what he does. Fantastic, Birbigs.

   The next night I attended Alumni night at my Alma Mater, Temple University. There was a reception before the show and then we were all invited to the school's performance of Hair. The whole event was so overwhelming. Every time I started to get into the beginnings of a conversation another person passed by ,me or tapped me on the shoulder. One of my professors I haven’t seen in at least a year hugged me and spilled my wine on himself. It was so good. There is so much love at Temple Theaters and I am really blessed to still feel like I have a family there.  And my god! Hair was nothing short of phenomenal. Those kids should have been getting paid. They were goddamn professionals. Flawless night of honest to goodness storytelling. Holy crap they were good, y’all. I highly suggest attending future shows. The talent level makes me so proud to count myself as an Owl.
  Afterwards I drove one of my most influential professors home from the Alumni event. I discussed with her my feelings right now, living at home and working three non-theater jobs and how nothing interesting is going on. She said “ It’s nice to do exciting things. That’s great when you’re doing exciting things. But its also great to appreciate the quiet times in your life and the little things in your day to day that make you happy.” I think this is really important. It’s easy to get caught up in defining meaning in your life by doing “important things” what you’re “working on”. Of course it’s easier to encounter a group of your peers if you’re armored with a response of “Yes I am doing brilliant work I have amounted to something” But isn’t something being happy? I spent the past few weekends with people I adore, who make me feel good, appreciated, and fun to be around. That version of me, in those moments, that's the person I want to be. That’s the person I want to bring to the table when I am lucky enough to be working on an acting project. I think that kind of “work”, getting to the root of that self is just as important as finding new material and auditioning and marketing and all that jazz.

Here are some pictures of simple little things that make me very happy and full:

Fun times at AC Beerfest!
New friends at Beerfest. We're DUM.

Wine with Mom on the Patio.

Finding a shady spot.

Best nap buddies ever.

Took a Jamasy selfie at Alumni Night at Temple! #templemade

Mike Birbiglia smiled at me. I can die happy now.

Substitute teaching has its mini-perks when you sneak silly selfies with your friends little brother.

One of my best friend's Chelsea performed last night and was pure grace. Absolutely beautiful and funny and relatable. She's moving to NYC in two weeks. I'm both profoundly jealous and happy for her.

Nary's making breakfast. Jack in his natural state, sans shirt.