Friday, August 24, 2012

Did We Just Become Best Friends?


Hey y'all. It has been a crazy couple of days! The last leg of the drive wasn't too awful, especially after seeing this sign! We arrived in Little Rock around 7pm Sunday night and found a Holiday Inn about two blocks away from my Apartment. Monday morning we moved everything in. This is my first apartment where Im living/paying for it by myself and although the complex is a little sketchy I really love it. I mean I lived in North Philly for four years so I think I'm prepared for most things that city life can throw at me. I'm trying little by little to make it my own and also keep it tidy for guests. (As much as is possible for me.) One of my favorite things is my little bookshelf. I am a pretty big book hoarder and although it wasn't the most practical thing, I knew I had to take at least the highlights of my collection with me. For me as an actor it is important to have audition/research material as accessible as possible. The more books I have the better prepared I will be for auditions and hopefully one day when I am a teacher it will be immensely useful for my students. However, I probably won't trust them because if they are anything like me they will, ahem, *forget* to return some really good books/plays...oops!

(And yes, for those who are wondering Dug made the trip to Little Rock safe and sound.)

My other favorite thing about my apartment is my WALK-IN CLOSET! The only thing I have more of than books is clothes and shoes, so this is a huge change for me to be able to see it all and access it. My closet at home is so teeny-tiny...I honestly cried when I saw this. My next mini-goal when I'm bored is to organize everything by color and type of garment. (And keep it organized, which is more difficult.)

(Modeled after this one on A Beautiful Mess blog)

Here I am outside the River Market in downtown Little Rock. The River Market is a little bit like the Reading Terminal Market except much smaller... more like a classier food court. There is a farmers market every Tuesday and Saturday outside of it that I'm very excited about because it's about a five minute walk from my apartment. Definitely planning to cook more! And I may or may not have already purchased a western looking hat from said market... man I'm no good at being poor.

Tuesday was my first set of meetings and rehearsal with the company members. Rehearsal was basically a meet and greet with the several young children cast in our show (Madeline and The Gypsies). We got out very early and the five adult company members headed downtown to grab a drink... and I have to quote one of the kids in our production of Madeline and The Gypsies and say "I know I just met y'all, but I feel like you're my family." Precious and true. I already know I'm gonna love the crap out of these beautiful people. The past two days I haven't been called for rehearsal so I don't really know what to expect/what to do with myself in my down time. Once we are all called to rehearsal all the time I might have a better idea. There is a gigantic library a few minutes away from me and more things to discover. Excited!!
(Ignore the zombie/transformer eyes. Happiness and beer does that to us.)

I will leave you with my favorite art print by Roll & Tumble Press I discovered at a cocktail event at Electric Heart Tattoos


Saturday, August 18, 2012

On The Road

Hi there! I guess I never thought about how difficult it would be to write an introductory post on a blog. I mean, I read lots of blogs (and by read, I mean stalk and pin all the outfit pictures and recipes that jump out at me on my blog reader,) but I've never read any initial posts on any of them. Guess I should have done more research, but after 12 hours on the road I'm just gonna do what I do best: wing it/fake it.

I guess introducing myself and what my best intentions for this blog are would be a good first step. I'm Sandi. I'm 23 and I've been out of theater college for a little over a year. I landed a professional acting gig performing in a season of children's shows at a well-respected theater in Little Rock, Arkansas. 
Wow...that was a lot less complicated than I thought.

This is an Instagram of the last of my bags, sitting out front of my house at approximately 5:30 this morning. I don't know the next time I will see this house, my family, my puppies, and my friends. (Who btw, threw me a surprise going away party. It's been a secret dream of mine to have someone throw a surprise party for me, and I was not expecting it at all. I don't remember the last time I felt so overwhelmed with love and happiness.)

People have been asking me if I am nervous or excited to drive across the country with my parents, have my own apartment and work my first "real job" out of college. And honestly, I don't know what to tell them. I've had about a year of the Post-Grad blues, and I think I'm still a little numb and skeptical that I might actually find myself out here and enjoy some kind of success or advancement in my career. But I do have faith that once I am settled and throw myself into the work and am reminded once again of why I chose this path (because it makes life worth it) I will start to get myself together.

This is what I was riding in the backseat of for about 10ish hours today. I was out late the night before enjoying some good company and a Monster Mash sundae from Friendly's so I was plenty tired for this trip. We're spending the night at a hotel in Knoxville, TN and ending up in Little Rock tomorrow evening. We can't move in to my apartment till Monday so we will be spending tomorrow in another hotel. I feel a little bad that I wasn't really conscious enough to take in any sights on the ride thus-far. Maybe tomorrow I will be more alert... maybe.

P.S. Here's me in a crown from Burger King today. It matched my sunglasses!