Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just a quick catch up


 Anticipating...  I'm really excited that James and The Giant Peach is coming together and really anticipating when we can start running the show in it's entirety and watch all the magical elements come to life. Trying to do it on a bare stage with no "peach" has been fun but I think the whole play will change drastically when we have the full set.

Reading... How To Be A Working Actor - Mari Lyn Henry & Lynne Rogers

 Relieved About... I'm crazy relieved that I have a restaurant job for supplemental income to get me through the break between contracts coming up. I'm relieved there was a mistake on my income taxes and I don't have to pay estimated for next year. I still get anxious and stressed but I've been trying to stay grounded.

Watching... Just finished watching The Extra Man, which I enjoyed very much. Watching Kevin Kline perform is like sitting in on a master class. I've also been catching up on Arrested Development in anticipation of the new season starting in May!

 Craving... Primo's water ice and ice cream. Nothing I've tasted anywhere in the country compares to the little ice cream stand in my home town.

And now a little photo catch-up:

View from my grandparents back patio.

Splash Mountain with Mom!

American Idol Experience.

Aren't my Grandparents adorable?