Monday, October 13, 2014

So...Divorce Is Kind Of Awesome

I am currently in the middle of tech week for my next show, Til Divorce Do Us Part: The Musical at Society Hill Playhouse in Philadelphia. I have been so grateful for this experience and have been working my little tail off. We have our first preview Wednesday (WHAT?) and I'm so excited. It's hitting me that I'm really back in the Philly theater scene and I can't wait for friends to come see the show, and for me to get back out there and see their shows as well and support! I've been very exhausted and at times overwhelmed, but for all of the right reasons. Here are some things I'm excited/anxious about:


- As with my last show, The Marvelous Wonderettes, this show has about twice as many songs as a traditional musical (about 25), many of which are very wordy. The show is almost entirely sung through, so it is a workout for my body as well as my brain. I flubbed lyrics today just because I couldn't get them out fast enough, so it is a challenge.

- I have to make sure I am sleeping enough and taking care of my body to have the stamina to do this 1 hour 8 minute little power pack of a show!

- I'm having nightmares about messing up songs. I know it's just an anxiety dream but still. Nightmares.


- I love rehearsal. Some people love performing more than rehearsal, and while I am excited to finally have an audience, the rehearsal room is my playground. I have felt so supported and alive in the room with our fantastic director, music director, and my three castmates during this entire process. I'm so lucky to be among them. I think getting an audience is going to really help us continue to find moments within the show. Yay moments!

- I'm so very excited to be performing in my own backyard. Most of my shows in the past few years have been in a different time zone. I ran into a friend I previously worked with on the street yesterday and he said he didn't even know I was back in town. Well honey, I AM! I'm really happy that friends and mentors who probably haven't seen me perform in any kind of featured role since college will get to see me in an intimate 4 person musical.

I was feeling stuck for a while. I feel more like myself than I have in a good amount of time. That's due to the show, but also being around some great friends and hanging with my family. Life is good kids.
Dad did the MS Bike ride!

Silly Promo Shoot!

One of my favorite shots straight from the camera from my headshot session with Kim Carson!

Tim gave me a sword. That was probably a mistake.

I guess he was good in The Civil War at The Eagle Theater, so I didn't stab him. ;)

Home for the next two months!

P.S., get tickets at !

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