Monday, February 3, 2014

I Got A Feelin

I'm so excited!! In a matter of days I'm going to Memphis and I get to get out of town for a while and see SO many dear friends I haven't seen in a long time! UPTA has always been such a positive experience for me. It feels like a theater reunion less than an audition. I can't help but smile to think after a day of auditions I will get to see SO many old and new friends. SO many hugs. I can't handle it. BUT WAIT, there's more, you say? One of my best friends is going to pick me up in Memphis and we're going to drive to Little Rock and crash for a few days where even MORE BEST FRIENDS await. I'm one lucky girl. Time for an awesomely long weekend full of friends, drinks, and high belting. What more could a girl ask for?*

Temple Reunion last year! Love these guys.

(*Answer: A Margarita. You can always ask for a Margarita.)

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